Friday, November 8, 2013

strange talk @ the satellite (11/7/13)

I'm not sure if it was superior sound, or whether these guys have really been rehearsing since August, but they totally killed it tonight.

My only gripe is that their set -- which is a similar, possibly identical, 45 minutes to what they played a couple months back -- is too short for a headliner, and could be augmented by one or two more songs (specifically, "Picking Up All the Pieces" and "So So La La," but that's my bias talking).

It's tricky setlisting with your phone in one hand and a can of PBR in the other while the body convulses in dancelike spasms, but these are the special skills my generation comes equipped with.

Cast Away
Take Me As I Am
Is It Real?
Wanted (Dead or Alive)
Eskimo Boy
Cosmic Synchronicity
We Can Pretend
Sexual Lifestyle
Climbing Walls
Falling in Love

No encore this time. I seem to recall the crowd coaxing "Another Day" out of them last time, but so it goes.