Monday, October 21, 2013

holy ghost! @ the henry fonda (10/20/13)

Decent DJ + way above-average opening band (if an opener is supposed to be a similar artist that gets you in the mood, Midnight Magic killed it) + high-energy, six-piece headliner playing an exemplary selection = an evening well spent. It was, coincidentally, also lead singer Alex Frankel's birthday.

Cheap Shots
It's Not Over
Hold My Breath
Say My Name
Slow Motion
Do It Again
It Gets Dark
Bridge and Tunnel
It Must Be the Weather
Hold On
I Will Come Back
Wait and See

[crowd sang Happy Birthday to Alex]
Dumb Disco Ideas
Don't Look Down
Jam for Jerry

Yep. That's pretty much everything I could have asked for this band to play. Not one dud in the bunch. An uplifting, much-needed hour and a half of live music.

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