Wednesday, April 2, 2014

cut copy @ the hollywood palladium (4/1/14)

It's impossible for me to be objective about my favorite synth-pop band -- In Ghost Colours (and, to a lesser degree, Zonoscope) is so close to me that its best moments will unerringly make me experience the deepest emotions that music can -- but suffice it to say that they really know how to please a crowd. There was such joy in the room tonight. And the light show ... damn.

We Are Explorers
Take Me Over
Free Your Mind
Where I'm Going
In Memory Capsule
So Haunted
Hearts on Fire
Feel the Love
Out There on the Ice
Let Me Show You Love
Meet Me in a House of Love
Lights and Music

Walking in the Sky
Need You Now

Sublime. Just amazing. And then it rained as I sailed home past glittering skyscrapers on the empty freeway. A good night.

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